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of former participants

Speaker 3

Mehdi Rayane

"This is a great opportunity to compete with the best students in Europe and to meet finance professionals"

Speaker 1

Ruben Montet

"It was the perfect way to concretize my theoretical knowledge and to get familiar with real business cases"

Speaker 2

Qianyi Gan

"The European Finance Cup is a diversified and demanding competition, pre-experience of a real financial analyst"


    In the recent past years, a new, responsible and innovative finance has developed worldwide. All the financial activities have known a change. It is in this context that Transaction EDHEC set up in 2010 the European Finance Cup.
    The aim of this competition is to convey to the 2,400+ participating students the issues of the financial world, and provide them with a comprehensive insight of what they could actually do both in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets.
    This unique experience is also a chance for the participants to find an internship. In that perspective, the 20 best teams can enjoy the networking cocktail organized at the end of the Great Finale.

Online Trading Contest on ProRealTime

from February 2019 to March 2019

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You wil be asked to create your account on ProRealTime with the e-mail you are using for the competition on this link (each participant has to create an account).

Every participant is trading under the same contest account conditions:
- Initial deposit : €10,000 (virtual fund)
- Access to the CAC40 Futures
We suggest you to practice on the platform during the month of January and ask any questions to our partner NewTrading on this website.

Watch the results of a professional trader on ProRealTime on this link.

M&A case

from February 1 to March 5, 2019

In this Case Study, you will analyse real-life M&A deals.
Decisions that you will face include company overview, merger deal overview and valuation methods used.

You will have to answer questions such as:
- Company X wants to acquire one of these 3 companies. Which one should they acquire, and why?
- Company Y needs to raise capital – should they raise debt or equity, and what’s the best way to do it?
- Company Z wants to expand – should they acquire another company, merge, or continue to grow organically?

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Closing ceremony

March, 29th 2019

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The 20 best teams will be invited in the Bloomberg LP Headquarters in Paris.

The ceremony is organized in two parts: First, you will have to negotiate with another team about the M&A case you would have already studied during the first round. Then, you will be all gathered in the auditorium to present in front of all the participants and our partners a stock pitching analysis. The theme of the investment pitching will be given later. Last year's theme was the ICT.


  • Can I participate alone ?

    No. You need to form a team of 2 or 3 people to participate.
  • Is it expensive ?

    The first and second rounds (Trading Simulation, M&A cases) are online and completely free. The closing ceremony in Paris, where the 20 best teams attend, is free of charge (lunch, cocktail), but the transportation is not included.

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